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Identifying Fear & Overcoming Fear

identifying fear laquitamonleysolutions overcoming fear Mar 18, 2022

What’s stopping you? The first step to accomplishing your goals and achieving success is identifying what is holding you back. We have to understand and recognize the thing or things that hinder us. It’s vital to identify fear because it can be so heavy that we miss out on what could make us the best version of ourselves. Resentment for self and the “what if’s?” will stay if you don’t fulfill your purpose.

Let’s talk about it. When on your journey to success, are you identifying fear? What is your fear? Is it the fear of former experiences? Is it the fear of an emotional overload? Is it avoiding unfortunate circumstances? Is it the fear of something being too impossible to accomplish? Once you identify your fear, you come up with a solution in order to take the necessary steps to overcoming that fear or multiple fears.

When we’re facing fear and the different aspects of why we have fear, what do we see? We want something but fear what may come of it. When we look at the big picture and we get a clear view, we’ll see that we’re not fighting anything but ourselves. Yes, it’s okay to be cautious about what is up ahead, but we have to face the fears head on and identify them head on.

It’s up to you. You can let your fears do two things. Make you or break you. When identifying the fear, it’s important that we understand the problem and why the fear hinders your process. What steps can you take to ensure that when you face similar problems you can gain trust from the past knowing that it is something you will overcome? Identifying and process. Process to move on. Move on to overcome. Which one are you going to take on?

When we refuse to find the solution and clearly identify the fear, we miss out on opportunities and success. We miss out on our happiness and good measures. Is being afraid worth fulfilling your purpose? Is being afraid worth making the best version of yourself? Is being afraid worth your happiness? Step back and take a look and see the big picture. Your fears should be minimal compared to the impact you want to have in the world

Walk through it. Fear will ultimately never go away. Fear will make you feel you can’t reach your destiny...if you let it. Fear will make you feel as though you don’t deserve happiness...if you let it. There will always be something you fear, big or small. The truth of the matter is fear is there, but how will you let it impact your journey to success?

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