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Do you know your identity?


Do you want to operate in your place of courage, destiny and power?


Yes, I do!

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My life as an active duty military spouse for over 24 years has enabled me to live and work in multiple countries throughout the world. Living and working outside of the United States has enabled me to gain valuable experiences while working with diverse cultures, ideas, and people.


As a John Maxwell Certified Coach, Teacher, Trainer and Speaker


I can offer you workshops, seminars, keynote speaking, and coaching, aiding your personal and professional growth through study and practical application of John’s proven leadership methods. Working together, I will move you and/or your team or organization in the desired direction to reach your goals. 


Keynote Speaking

Purpose is calling and there is no better time  to answer! 

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Transformational Coaching

Change is a choice that often comes with its fair share of challenges. 

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Organizational Empowerment

An organization and its teams rise and fall based on clear communication or lack thereof. 

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Leaders and entrepreneurs alike tune into her daily live broadcast, La’Quita’s Toolbox Live as well as her podcast La’Quita’s Toolbox, for inspiration and implementable action steps to realize their full potential. Her life’s work is proof that LaQuita Monley is impassioned by motivating others to become the best versions of themselves.


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Everything, and I do mean everythinghinges on identity.


It is the compass of our faith that aligns with the Holy Spirit to fulfill the Father’s will. Wrapped up in identity is who we are, the purpose of our being, and every God-breathed promise that manifests as our success

So, tell me

Do you know who you are? 

This self-awareness is the filter for our desires. Identity undergirds our values, aspirations, an overall view of what it means to excel in life. Without the revelation of who we were created to be, a huge gulf tends to exist between where we are and what we are called to be, do, and experience. Lacking this inner knowing causes us to get caught up in fantasies and fallacies about who we are and what we want, which sets us up for a trail of disappointments. 

Redefining Success helps you to determine who or what has defined success for you and how to take control and define success for yourself. It equips you with practical, implementable tools that can help you on this journey called life.



Dr Sharon Apopa

Lorieen Henry

Susan Burcher

Barrett Ohene

Laquita is indeed a virtuous woman. Full of wisdom and love for people. I love Her simplistic and practical approach to life. My family has benefited greatly through her ministry. My praise report ! Because of her my wife who used to love 9am-5pm job now has 2 businesses. Praise God! Thank you for ur contribution to our family. You are a blessing indeed.

Joseph Drolshagen, SMT

If you looking for a high powered results oriented coach and speaker, La’Quita is your person! She lives through her passion and it shows in everything she does!
It is a blessing to know and interact with her!

Paris Groves

LaQuita Monley leads by example and motivates those below, above and on her side to be more than they have ever been! She does what she says and you never have to question her integrity. Passionate, encouraging, studious about her passions therefore knowledgeable and precise! Great teacher, leader and speaker! 

Alexis White

Laquita is a well rounded international speaker who understands the needs of her clients. She provides insight and life skills to restore her clients back to a place of balance and wellness. I love her passion in addressing social and economic challenges. In support of local and international communities, she provides needed jobs and homes for families. Sharing a cup of coffee with her is only the beginning! I personally recommend her for personal growth and business development

Dee McMahan

Ms Monley is a blessed woman who's words encourage and heal those she comes in contact with. She is a blessing to people and will continue the be blessed by those she helps and I'm thankful to have her in my life.

Edward Smith

La'Quita Monley exemplifies Leadership on a Professional and personal level. I have witnessed Ms. Monley take initiative to multi task numerous responsibilities at once and organize according to designated priority. La'Quita is also an outstanding public speaker in which she exudes confidence, passionate about her chosen subject matters, thought provoking in her delivery, I strongly recommend La'Quita Monley in her profession as an Leader, Key Speaker, a well-diversed Professional.

Shara Ruffin

I help social workers pass their Bachelor, Master, Clinical Licensing exams in record time. I have a 98% success rate. Follow me for inspiration, mental health and social work test prep. Follow me for inspiration, mental health and social work test prep.

Ms.Monley is a phenomenal and inspirational speaker. She has a wealth of knowledge to give to others. Keep changing lives! Your a force!

Racquel Maye

I have had the pleasure to connect with La’Quita Monley to start working on my personal growth and I am so happy I made the real investment. Her real life clear approach to peeling back the layers and getting to the root of what was keeping me stuck have changed how I show up for myself and all connected to me. I will continue reaching my goals and applying the tools given.


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