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A Modern Success Guide to Purpose & Peak Performance

active lifestyle best-selling black physicians healthcare influence leadership marriage modern success money national speaker non-surgical peak performance purpose radio talk show sports medicine success guide unstuck Jan 12, 2023

In this episode Dr. Brad Bellard and I enjoy a great conversation about purpose & peak performance.

Brad Bellard, (aka Dr. Brad) is a physician & performance coach.

He helps physicians create more impact and income beyond their current clinical practice, so they can enjoy a fulfilled life. Through his online content, coaching, and best-selling book, he equips doctors to go from stuck and frustrated to a life of freedom and fulfillment by teaching them the Physicians’ Formula for Freedom & Fulfillment: 3 Steps for Physicians to Create Greater Impact, Income, and Influence.   He is an Amazon best-selling author of the book ELITE: A Modern Success Guide to Purpose & Peak Performance. He is also a national speaker, and host of the soon-to-launch podcast and YouTube platform titled, ‘More Than Medicine with Dr. Brad’, which focuses on content designed to help physicians create more impact, income, and influence both within and outside of healthcare.

Clinically, Dr. Brad serves as a non-surgical Sports Medicine physician. His practice focuses on using cutting-edge minimally invasive techniques to help individuals with joint pain maintain an active lifestyle without undergoing surgery. He has worked with multiple professional teams including his prior service as assistant team doctor for the NBA Dallas Mavericks, and is a regular guest on the Dallas-Fort Worth radio talk show Inside Sports Medicine.

Here is an outline of our conversation:

Introduction to today’s episode.


Who is Brad Bellard and what does he do?


The difference between what you do for a living vs. what your purpose is –.


Why you need to become aware of the difference between success and fulfillment.


If you put a fraction of the intention you put at work into your business, you can develop the balance and balance in your life.


You can’t pour from an empty cup.


If we don’t self-care, it’s one of the most selfish things you can do in regards to your business.


Time is the most valuable thing that we have.


Don’t let it cost you something that adds value to your life.


If you are a high achiever and you’re finding yourself in an unfulfilled position, do an honest assessment of yourself.


Rewind and go back to the juicy places.


You’re the sculptor to that masterpiece.



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