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Da Boss Experiance with Michele Davis (LiveStream)

black women business business growth coaching program counseling program course launch entrepreneurs entrepreneurship growth mindset leadership nonprofit nonprofit sector professional strategist Jan 12, 2023

In this episode Michele Davis and I are having a conversation about "Da Boss Within"

Michele Davis is host of Da Boss Experience Podcast and a Business Strategist specializing in helping professionals launch their first signature coaching program.

Prior to making a leap into entrepreneurship in 2016, Michele spent 20+ years developing coaching and counseling programs in the nonprofit sector. Since leaving the nonprofit life behind, Michele has helped entrepreneurs start, systematize, and build out their professional service business through her Phenomenal Boss Academy and CEO Blueprint Academy coaching programs.

When Michele is not hanging out with her clients, she spends her time raising her teen daughter in New York City.

Here is an outline of our conversation:

Introduction to today’s episode.


Laquita’s Introduction.


Why it’s important to know what is keeping you from getting started -.


Michelle’s advice for those who are starting a business.


How to identify the boss within you.


Identifying and accepting every gift within you.


How do you do the research?


Why you have to be ready for a coach before you need one.


There is no cookie-cutter approach to success.


You can’t teach leadership if you’ve never been a leader.


Contact Michele:

Phone: (718) 971-9670

Email: [email protected]


Address: P.O. Box 141048, Staten Island, NY 10314


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