LinkedIn Power Moves with Clarene Mitchell

Episode #13

Clarene Mitchell is my guest for this episode.

We discuss a few key things that can help bring clarity to those looking to improve their LinkedIn or get started on LinkedIn.:

Are we fully utilizing LinkedIn?

Do we understand LinkedIn best practices?

LinkedIn is not just for job seekers!! LinkedIn is a great platform to organically generate value added leads for entrepreneurs.

Do we understand the process and value of social selling?

Consistently providing value-added content is a great example of the 80/20 rule for social media stresses the importance of providing value over “selling”.

Clarene’s work history includes print journalism, public relations, community outreach and activism. When she initially started TCM Communications, she offered broad public relations consulting.

Clarene quickly zoned in to providing LinkedIn coaching, training and speaking exclusively based on the inquiries she received.

She also saw a gap in there being skilled professionals who exclusively provided the services.

Clarene’s daily use of the platform gives her expertise that goes far beyond what some may just read in a book or gain from a training.

As of January 2021, she created 'The LinkedIn Results Ignitor' as her business moniker. Clarene is very outcomes driven. When clients begin with her, she tells them that the process is all about them getting a return on their investment. She starts out with key LinkedIn data regarding their status on the platform.

Clarene and her clients work as a team to improve the data. As their analytics improve, they start generating results on the platform.

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