Capitalizing On Opportunities To Pay It Forward

Episode #15

About Paul Anthony Claxton:

I am a Honorably discharged U.S. Marine and accomplished Global Serial Entrepreneur. Before my time as a private sector executive, I was a public sector executive in the Marine Corps. During that time, I did 4 tours in Iraq starting with the 2003 Invasion of Iraq.

Transitioning to my time as a corporate executive and entrepreneur, I built several businesses and lived in a few different countries which has allowed me to achieve more of a global, well-rounded perspective. I have served as a venture partner, mentor, board advisor and entrepreneur to a number of different executives and companies, startups and venture capital firms.

Most of my work as an entrepreneur so far has been in the healthcare and manufacturing industries where we focus on technology for good and sustainable impact. Over the years I have consistently spoken about entrepreneurship and

organizational leadership at dozens of events and organizations and to include examples; the International Trade Council and the

Silicon Rotary Club.


Capitalism isn't about making money at its core, that's only a byproduct reward. To me it's about advancement for the greater good and improving people's lives. I'll make a statement on the world by using technology, best business practices and leadership to improve people's lives. Live Long and Prosper. I truly believe capitalism is about capitalizing on opportunities to pay it forward.


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