Building Business God's Way

Episode #16

As a semi-retired pastor and paralegal, David & Dana bring a wealth of skills and life experience to the online marketing industry. For over a decade, they have been investing in the future they are creating by learning how to market a business God's way with no deceptive or pushy tactics.

David & Dana help people just like you to succeed by learning how to be your own boss, build your business working from home, and continue enjoy your life to the fullest.

Many second-career Christian coaches and affiliate marketers have no idea how to build a successful business online. Maybe you're just curious about how it works. Maybe you've been burned in the past. Maybe you are like we were, stuck and ready to throw in the towel thinking God must have something else in mind for you.

Helping you begins with listening. We take time to listen to your story, to truly understand you and your specific business. While all businesses have commonalities, it is the differences that set us apart.

We promise to bring you wisdom and integrity, as well as a level of compassion and attentiveness you'll not often find in this industry.

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